So Called Celeste – Dead Reckoning

So Called Celeste is a Dutch hardcore band from Amsterdam. “Okay. Yeah we play hardcore, but purists might disagree. You could call it metal, but our haircuts prove otherwise. Yes we do math, but we wouldn’t call it our main course. Southern? We’re from small-town Holland baby. We just play the music we love. Loud. From the heart.”

December ‘05
After necessarily leaving some sinking ships, guitarists Erik and Jaap felt like they just had to start a new project. Their longtime wishes for new musical directions, which weren’t allowed on board of any of the abandoned ships, were finally given the chance to have an output. By setting themselves free from any musical boundaries whatsoever, they just started playing, writing and recording ideas. At this time the project was given the name Chuckies Roundhouse Kick. ‘Cause hey, we all know the Boogeyman checks his closet for Mr. Norris when he goes to sleep.

Riffs started to fit together, gradually evolving into songs. While still keeping all possibilities wide open, they felt they had found their own spot in the broad spectrum of heavy music, ranging from old school hardcore to extreme metal.

October ‘06
So far so good, Jaap and Erik took it to the next and final step: making the band. After contacting Puff P Diddely Daddy, they found… no one. Knowing that finding that versatile voice that would rightfully express their music was probably the toughest search, the first objective was to find that singer. Fortunately, with first choice Rai they immediately hit bulls eye. At this point, the character of working on a project started to change into the feeling of being a band. Needing a more proper name, Mr. Norris and his beard were sincerely thanked for the inspiration, although his roundhouse kicks will forever be remembered, honored and cherished. So after a long time of considering the name Walker Texas Ranger they finally decided to call the band So Called Celeste, meaning lots of not so important things.

Within a couple of months several auditions were held and sooner than expected they found the right musicians who enabled them to produce that rough sound they had in mind. Completed with Jeroen on bass and Laurens on drums, the band as a whole was a fact. However, regardless of their skills in musicianship, the factor of having that personal click was the most important. What’s the use of having a robot on drums when you can’t stand the guy? That’s not being a band, it’s being a group of musicians. So Called Celeste is a band.

September ‘07
After months of writing songs and spending time in the rehearsal space, the band felt ready to record their first demo. Producer Arno Krabman was hired to work his magic and three songs were recorded at his Graveland Studio. With the Demo 2007 in hands, So Called Celeste is ready and more than eager to prove themselves on stage. Anywhere, anytime and as much as possible.

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