Slipknot – “Duality”

Roadrunner Records – Filmed on location at a fan’s house in Des Moines, Iowa, our number one video “Duality” shows the masked 9 of Slipknot ultimately playing a house party.

But with director Tony Petrossian’s touch, and the help of a rowdy crowd, the aggressive nature of the song takes over in a destructive fury — resulting in MASS damages to the house (which have since been re-paid!) Giving more insight is our video authority Elias Chios, who says, “#1 and rightfully so! This is the best video Slipknot ever made, in my humble opinion. It captures everything they are about: The art, the violence, the insanity, the frantic energy from which everything is born and of course the loyalty and gratitude to their fans, the maggots. How much fun it must have been to completely destroy a house? I’m gonna guess a shit load. This song and video is a defining moment in their career. Over the years, Slipknot’s mystique, brutally beautiful performances and their sacred relationship with their fans created a true legend. This video really put it all in perspective and engaged those that put aside the band for whatever reason.