Sleep When You’re Dead – For The Long Haul

Southern influenced hardcore out of Oshawa, Ontario. Saying on their myspace, “We write music so we can express ourselves and so our fans can get groovy in the pit. No strings attached, just good friends, fun music, good people.” does a great job of describing the five members; all great guys, making great music that stands out from the traditional metalcore shlock in the scene.

And their new EP “Directions” (Produced by Nick Ginn) proves this point. Punchy guitars, heavy breakdowns, and passionate and pure screams coming out of vocalist Alex Leech make for a terrific collection of some groovy hardcore.

We play because we love music. We are friends, we are brothers, we are family. To us, “Sleep When You’re Dead” is a way of life. Take time for the things that are important, for time is running out. Live your life by your own rules and regulations, but follow the right path. Don’t “sleep” away your life, grab on to the steering wheel, and take control of your life. Take every opportunity you have, and don’t discourage your self if opportunities pass you by. For every door that closes, there are 10 more that will open.

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