Last Chance To Die – Risk Of Injury

In spring 2006 the band Last Chance To Die from Chemnitz (Saxony) founded with initially 4 members which were Marcus Lenk (vocals), Robby Wolf (guitar), Sebastian Grämer (bass guitar) and Philipp Lehmann (drums). All of them had already gained experience in a band together.

By the beginning of the year 2007 the composing of songs and arranging a set was the center of their work. To increase the quality of their music the band memebers decided to search a second guitarist. In the course of 2007 Kevin joined the band who has a lot of knowledge and experience because he has been involved in several bands before. He brought new drive into old songs and plenty of new songs have been written. In March 2007 the band began recording a first promotional CD which contained three songs. This first CD enabled them to play shows with bands like Heaven Shall Burn, Maroon, Myra, We butter the bread with butter, War From a Harlots Mouth, Unleashed, Animators, Fall of Serenity, Screamin Silence, Punishable Act, deadlock, Catarract, Do or Die and Faust Again.

Their first EP was not long in coming. In July 2008 it was recorded including 5 songs with a higher level of music and design. In 2009 they recorded again two songs in the famous “Rape of Harmony” studio in Triptis. This should give a little insight into the upcoming debut album “Suicide Party”. After a line-up change on the drums by the 18-year-old SebastianZander in 2010 the five musicians were working on their debut album which was also recorded at “Rape of Harmonies” studio. The style of their music ranging from metal to hardcore is characterized by concise melodies, crushing mosh parts and dark riffs pounding directly into the brain.