First Blood – Resist
First Blood are a metalcore band from San Francisco, CA. Their Trustkill Records debut album is titled Killafornia. Four years later they released Silence Is Betryal on Bullet Tooth Records.

The band’s eponymously-titled debut EP was released in 2003. In 2004 they released a split EP with Blacklisted, titled The Dead Man’s Hand. In 2006, First Blood released their debut full-length album Killafornia through Trustkill Records hit.

First Blood went on tour in 2006 with Ignite, Comeback Kid, The Red Chord, Sick Of It All, Stretch Arm Strong, and more as well as an appearance at The New England Metal Fest on Saturday April 29.

During 2007, the band have toured extensively with the likes of Full Blown Chaos, Since the Flood and Death Before Dishonor with more US dates to come. The band announced their new album, “Silence is Betrayal”.

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