Fight Paris – Complete Heat

Fight Paris were an Atlanta-based southern rock act formed in 2002. The band started out after a group of friends began playing music together with a passion and a dream, and thus Fight Paris was born. Comprised, from the start, with a core of Jason Krutzky (drums), Kevin Phillips (vocals), and Neil Warren (guitar), Fight Paris went through several changes before finalizing the line-up with Matt Tanner (guitar) and Champ Champagne (bass) in the summer of 2003.

Fight Paris strictly adhered to a “party hard, work harder” philosophy. They recorded all their own music, created and distributed their own merchandise, and have even shot their own music video. They were a hard touring band. spending plenty of time on the road up until their demise.

In 2007 Fight Paris went their separate ways, most of the members reformed as the band StoneRider, keeping the intensity and southern sound of Fight Paris, but slowing down the tempo.

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