Cancer Bats – Old Blood

Cancer Bats‘ announced that they would play several release shows on April 21, 2012. They have aimed to play in six different venues across London, United Kingdom in promotion of their fourth album, titled “Dead Set on Living” which is planned to be released in spring of 2012, with the first single planning to support its release “Old Blood” being released. Cancer Bats had stated that they desired to create a more “upbeat” follow up to their previous album “Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones”. The bands influence steered away from the “traditional hardcore record” and took a wide variety of influences from rock bands including Fleet Foxes. Liam Cormier when asked about his influences stated: “In a lot of ways we get really inspired by non-metal bands. For me, I find I really like looking at other things because I just don’t want to make a traditional hardcore record lyrically. So for me, I listen to a lot of indie rock and I’ve been getting super psyched on a lot of that, like the new ‘Helplessness Blues’ by Fleet Foxes”.