Black Friday 29 – Pressure Release

Black Friday ’29 is a hardcore band from the Ruhr area in Germany. The band plays hard, melodic old school hardcore and counts bands like the Cro-Mags, Youth of Today, DYS, Outburst to their influences. The lyrics are very personal friendship, love, pain, and political issues. The band was originally the Straight Edge scene assigned.

Following the publication of the first demo recording on BloodyXSunday Records and a 7 “single called “blackout” in 2002 was the same year the single and combined on a demo CD is also published under the name Blackout on Crucial Response Records. After concerts and tours throughout Europe in 2004 on the Dutch label GSR was the critically acclaimed debut album titled “The Escape” was released on CD. The vinyl version was released by Dead and Gone Records in England. End of 2007 released their second album “The Pursuit of Happiness” on Blacktop Records, which has also been positively received by critics and both the Mail Order Coretex Records, as well as Green Hell Records in the sales charts in the front ranks was placed. The vinyl version of this album was re-released by Dead and Gone Records. 2009, was built in cooperation with the producers and Simon Werner Jacob Bredahl, “Black Friday 2009” and was released on Let It Burn Records (Soul Food) in the same year.

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