As I Lay Dying – Nothing Left

A song by American metalcore band As I Lay Dying, the song is released as the first single from their fourth album An Ocean Between Us. The song received a Grammy Award nomination in “Best Metal Performance” category in 2008. It is featured in the video games Midnight Club: Los Angeles and Saints Row 2 by Rockstar Games, and Volition, respectively. It is also featured as a free song in Tap Tap Revenge 3 for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The video was directed by Brian Thompson. It starts as if the instrumental intro “Separation” was part of the song. It shows a dark future in which everyone who is “infected” is condemned. Several televisions throughout the video show the image of a supposed dictator with the subtitle “Condemn The Infected”. The story starts with a woman who notices a mark on her neck, the mark of the infected. She wears a scarf to conceal the mark, but the scarf is removed later on. Consequently, several people notice and point their fingers at her. The dictator arrives on the scene and takes her to the ancient Roman Colosseum. At the Colosseum, she is stripped of her clothing and humiliated in front of thousands of spectators. She is then taken from the Colosseum and led to the edge of a cliff, where the video ends.

The video for “The Sound of Truth” continues this story. The story continues with a rebellion of infected people being formed (against the supposed dictator) and two infected men rescuing the woman and donning the suits of the two soldiers who were about to throw her off the cliff. The two men go to the room where the supposed dictator is controlling the televisions that he is seen on and capture him. The end of the video shows people screaming for the dictator to be punished. The dictator is thrown on the ground and calls for help but the people continue screaming. The dictator’s black leather gloves are then thrown off and the people stop screaming when they see that he is infected, and the video ends. The video for “Nothing Left” is intercut with shots of the band performing in a room with computers, while the video for “The Sound of Truth” shows the band performing on top of a building downtown in a storm.