Apple Opens iTunes LP And Extras to developers

Apple is expanding its iTunes LP and Extras (you know, gimmick no one really cares about) feature to indie artists, labels and developers. The “new” technology, basically an e-card included with your digital album for a few extra bucks, was previously only available to major labels through partnerships.

An automated electronic submission method will be added in the first quarter of next year. Until then, it’s a bit of a hassle. An existing iTunes contract is required, and all submissions will be reviewed by the iTunes team “for appropriateness of content and for technical quality”.

Templates and a developers guide for both formats is available here.

What do you think? Do the LP/Extras formats interest you as a consumer? Would you pay more? Artists, do you think this adds value to your product? Will you consider using it in a future release? Well, we don’t care actually, we don’t sell are tracks on iTunes. But if you do, it can be great…

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