Anthrax – The Devil You Know

Worship Music is the tenth studio album by American heavy metal band Anthrax. It is their first album of original material since 2003’s We’ve Come for You All and the first to feature Joey Belladonna on vocals since 1990’s Persistence of Time. The album was released on September 12 internationally, September 13 in the U.S., and was released in Europe on October 23, 2011.

The album was initially recorded and finished with a release set for May 2009, and was to feature Dan Nelson on vocals. However, after developments made later on in the year, he was no longer a member of the band, and when asked what would happen to the completed studio album Worship Music, featuring his vocals, guitarist Scott Ian said: “Until we have a new singer, I can’t tell you what will happen to the record. We’ll probably change a few things on it, including the vocals. However, nothing’s been decided. Expect that the release date will go back, possibly to next year.”

It was assumed that John Bush was going to record new vocals for the album due to his reunion with the band, however this ultimately did not happen. In an interview with John Bush said: “As of now we’re trying to figure out a way to see if we can re-record some of the songs that the band had already recorded. We’re just trying to iron out some of the legalities on it. That’s where we are at today.”

When asked if he would be re-recording some of Dan Nelson’s vocals he stated “That is what they want to do, and it’s been a conflict for me, to be quite frank, simply because I kind of felt like I wasn’t part of the creation of it. On all the other Anthrax records, I was part of it when it happened. I just wasn’t involved in this, and it’s something that they’ve already actually completed. I haven’t disregarded it completely, and I know it’s important to them. I realize they made this record and they’re kind of sitting on it. They want to put some of it out, if not everything… at least a single, and we’ve talked about an EP. We’re still trying to figure out if we can do that, especially in conjunction with these shows in June. We’ve just got to kind of iron out some specifics. That’s where we’re at today, March 15, 2010.”

Bush decided that he did not want to recommit to Anthrax full time again and left the group.[citation needed] As a result, the band decided to reunite with Joey Belladonna. Following several shows during the summer and fall of 2010, including several featuring the Big Four of thrash metal, the band returned to the studio. Some of the completed songs were left as is, adding Belladonna’s vocals, while others were rewritten and some entirely new songs were written with Belladonna.

Although Scott Ian was quoted in an interview as saying that the album’s name could be changed, this turned out not to be the case.[9] On October 8, 2010, at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Anthrax debuted the song “Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t”. It was at this point that Ian said in an interview that fans should expect the new record in late 2011. Ian reported, on December 8, 2010, that the band had almost completed their new album. He stated “We’re almost ready to go, eight things are recorded and we’ve only got to go back and re-record two or three things. And Joey’s singing on all of it.” A related posting on Noisecreep indicated that Worship Music had been shelved until Belladonna completed new vocal tracks.

On April 29, 2011, the band officially finished recording Worship Music, and called it “The Most Emotional Album”. On June 24, 2011 Anthrax released the song “Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t”. It was released as a free download on as a way of saying “thank you” to fans’ loyalty in waiting in anticipation for the album. On June 27, 2011, Scott Ian announced via Twitter that the band had started the mastering process for Worship Music. Then, on July 12, 2011 the cover art of the album was released.