Antagonist A.D. – Distance

Antagonist A.D. are a New Zealand metalcore band. Antagonist A.D started in 2005 by vocalist Sam Crocker and bassist Joshua Moffitt. The intention was to create a fast heavy metallic hardcore band – in the vein of unrelenting American acts such as Martyr A.D. and Until The End combined with ‘euro’ breaks similar to European bands Arkangel and Maroon.

Known then as simply ‘Antagonist’ – feeling the bands shared similar ideals and ethos the name was taken from Maroons debut full length.

The original line up also comprised drummer Brendon Wishnowsky and Sean Connolly. The band quickly recorded a well received 4 song demo with Ulcerate’s Jamie Saint Merat. Some releases of this Demo following the main pressing featured a fifth song entitled ‘Some Glory’.

‘Old Bones Make New Blooms’ was recorded in 2010 at Red Dog Studios by Nate Sowter. Following a series of delays from record label Trial & Error the five song 7″ saw the light in February 2011.
In the space of the 7″s recording and release the band found a replacement for Ross in Matthew Livingstone.
Founding member and bassist Joshua Moffitt left the band in July 2010 to move to Japan. Where he is working with other scientists on a new sustainable and environmentally sound power source for Japan.
The band is currently writing for their third studio album as four piece. The yet to be titled full length is to be recorded at Red Dog Studios with Nate Sowter in December 2011.
From its inception, the band have shared the stage with countless high profile overseas acts (Madball, Converge, Parkway Drive, The Ghost Inside, Darkest Hour, Unearth, Bleeding Through, Comeback Kid, Throwdown, First Blood to name but a few) – and continue to tour between New Zealand and Australia frequently.